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United Camp's motto is "Run To Your Best"-no matter what level you start at, the important thing is the desire to put yourself out there to reach your full potential!

To Whom Addresses

United Camp is a camp for
technical and physical improvement
, aimed at young athletes, boys and girls born between 2014 and 2005, motivated to improve themselves and eager to have an all-around educational basketball experience.

Run to your best

United Camp’s motto is “
Run To Your Best
“, literally “chase your best.” This is because for us it is not important whether you are an athlete with already different experience or a boy who has recently found his passion in basketball: what is central to participating in the camp in fact is not the technical skills already acquired but rather the willingness to get involved every day to try to improve, whatever level you start from, to try to get to the best of one’s potential.

Children who participate in United Camp will experience a week in which
all major aspects of life as an athlete will be taken care of

  • the technical improvement individual of their fundamentals, with special attention to the
    (Master Fundamentals, recommended for those born from 2013 to 2005)
  • the
    improvement of technique in the game
    , with an emphasis on passing(Technical Refinement, recommended for those born from 2014 to 2005)
  • the
    physical improvement
    thanks to the targeted interventions of the athletic trainer
  • the
    improvement of attention
    through technical/physical drills that help enhance the ability to keep the mind active at all times
  • advice on

  • “good habits”
    off the court: a true athlete can be recognized away from the parquet floor as well