June 30-July 6 Marina di Cecina (LI)

The program Technical Further Education

Girls and boys will be part of a real team, with whom they will train for the entire week, forging bonds on and off the field and developing that spirit of cooperation that is essential both in sports and in daily life.

Each day there will be a training session devoted to technique applied to the game (dribbling, passing, fundamentals without the ball, etc.), that is, the use of fundamentals in real, concrete situations, to help campers improve their knowledge of technique and when/how to use it.

The athletes’ technical/tactical progress will be checked each day within specific training that will focus on game situations from 1vs1 to 5vs5.

Our trainers will conduct a twice-daily training portion to help campers in improving their coordination and physical/athletic skills.

At the end of the week all campers will receive a personalized paper report containing practical tips for their future technical/physical improvement.

We try to leave girls and boys with not only fond memories of their experience at United Camp, but also a tangible contribution to help them improve both technically and physically.

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A week of training dedicated to boys and girls born between 2014 and 2005 to improve their fundamentals by comparing themselves with their peers from 1vs1 to 5vs5.

The main focus of the week will be the care of technique applied to the game, improving both the execution of technical/physical gestures and the ability to choose when to use them according to various game situations.

For the boys, a chance to be part of a real “team,” comparing themselves with athletes from other backgrounds and experiencing the technical and physical training methodologies of the United Camp staff.

At the end of the week, each boy will receive the“United Report” a paper report with technical analysis and advice on technical/physical aspects to improve.

Marina di Cecina (LI) basketball by the sea!

We will be guests of the resort “
Bay of the Sailor
” (in Vada, a hamlet of Rosignano Marittimo), a large facility directly on the sea that will provide girls and boys with moments of leisure on the beach, in the sports facilities and even in the swimming pools.

In short, we are in summer, and we have always been divided between to mountain fans and sea fans. This year, to please no one at all, we decided to do both: get ready for a Sea & Mountains summer with United Camp!

Sports Hall Franco Poggetti

The Sports Hall “Franco Poggetti” in Marina di Cecina, moreover, is a perfect facility for United Camp activities, which, thanks to its parquet court and wide spaces, is not infrequently chosen by the Italian Basketball Federation for the organization of Youth National Finals, both male and female.

Its strategic location, just a stone’s throw from the sea!, opens up the opportunity for female athletes to cool off between workouts, or for our physical trainers to integrate work on the field with work … on the sand. In short, an exciting location for this adventure in Tuscany!

federico vecchi


Camp Director Federico Vecchi is National Coach and territorial trainer for FIP courses. Federico has important experiences behind him in A2 series benches (Ferrara, Imola, Forlì) and as Head of Youth Sector, in particular we remember his experience leading the nursery of Virtus Bologna (2015-2019) and Basket Ravenna. He currently serves as Head of Youth Sector for UEB Cividale del Friuli, where he coaches the U19 Eccellenza formation in addition to being assistant coach in the A2 championship.

Alessio marchini


Alessio is a National Coach native of La Spezia, where he began coaching. He moved to Tuscany in 1998 and remained there until 2011, coaching as head coach in Castelfiorentino in B2, in Pontedera with promotion from C to B2, in Empoli reaching the Promotion Final in B1, and finally in Lucca again in B2. Then the move to Trento, where from 2012 to 2019 he is Head of the Youth Sector of Aquila Basket: coaching youth he reaches five National Finals (with U18 championship final in 2017), in addition to winning the Next Generation Cup in 2019. In recent seasons he has returned to Tuscany, as head coach in Serie B at Empoli and, from the 2021/2022 season, at Etrusca San Miniato.

Maximum Padovano


He has coached senior men's and women's teams and also has experience with the youth sector. In
2001 the first senior bench in Castel san Pietro Terme in Serie B winning the championship immediately.
Then the return to Recanati in the C series reaching the promotion final. The experience in St. Elpidio follows.
for four years reaching the promotion final. Then for 3 years in Santarcangelo di Romagna winning
the C and B championships and coaching the third year in the amateur league. In the years
following coaches in Serie B at Scauri, at Eagles Fortitudo and for four years at Piombino. Follows
experience in San Marino as head of the senior and junior national teams by participating in the
European Small Country Championships. After returning to Recanati in the C series for 3 years. In this
season is at the Roseto degli Abruzzi Panthers, a women's A2 team.

Alessandro ancona


Alessandro is a Coach and began his career in Piedmont, his region. He has been working with young people here for more than eight years, and for the past four seasons in particular he has joined the coaching staff of the youth sector of CUS Torino, where in 2022-2023 he will lead as head coach the U19 Eccellenza group.

lorenzo formica


Lorenzo began coaching in Florence, his hometown, before moving on to some of Tuscany's top clubs such as Arezzo, Don Bosco Livorno and Mens Sana Siena. Since 2014, he has been in Piombino, where he has held various roles including youth coach, assistant coach in Serie B, and coach coordinator of the yellow-blue club.

paolo Zonca

Physical trainer

Paolo is a National Physical Trainer as well as a Coach and Minibasket Instructor. In his career he has many experiences at the youth level (5 seasons at Fortitudo Bologna, 4 at Virtus), senior men (Mantua A2 Gold, Cento B series) and senior women (Libertas Bologna A2 series, Mantua A2 series). In the 2021/2022 season, he returned to the big leagues as physical trainer for Virtus Bologna women's team.

Samuel Lovascio


Samuel is a physical trainer and regional coach who has been working with young basketball players for 5 years. He has been physical trainer of Apulian regional teams and currently collaborates with 3 clubs located in the Bari area, serving as head of physical preparation for Sporting Club Bitonto and Mar.Lu. Bari Basketball.

Matthew Minisini


As a player, Matteo went through the entire youth sector at Apu Udine; in his last year he divided his time between under19 and training with the first team in A2 and C series with Dgm Campoformido. After transferring Cividale where he divided his time between UEB in Serie B and Longobardi under in Serie C Today Matteo is a basic physical trainer, he started his journey in the U19 Eccellenza of UEB Cividale del Friuli, in the last two sports seasons he took care of several youth teams Eccellenza and Gold in SG Fortitudo Bologna.